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Can you name the Can you name the events of 1962?

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Jan 1This African nation gained independence from Belgium
Jan 1This elite US force was formed
Jan 23Kim Philby defects to this country
Feb 3This president bans nearly all trade with Cuba
Feb 14First Lady Jackie Kennedy conducts this type of tour of the White House
Feb 20This man was the first man to orbit Earth in Friendship 7
Mar 2He scored 100 points in a basketball game
Mar 29This man made his final appearance as the host on the Tonight Show
Apr 2The 'animal' crossing opens outside Waterloo Station in London
Apr 14This man becomes President of France
May 13US performs atmospheric nuclear test on this 'holiday' island
May 25Isley Brothers release this hit made popular by the Beatles and Bueller, Ferris Bueller
Jun 11Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin become the only prisoners to successfully escape from this prison
Jun 25Supreme Court rules this is unconstitutional in schools
Jun 20This famous military group leaves Algeria
Jul 5This African nation gains independence from France
Jul 10This famous satellite is launched - transmissions begin next day
Jul11Fred Baldasare is 1st to swim English Channel in this manner
Jul 19This country's communist party expels Rákosi & Gero
Jul 31This federation/county is formed in Asia
Aug 5This person was arrested for incitement and illegally attempting to leave South Africa
Aug 11This band released Surfin' Safari
Aug 16This drummer replaced Pete Best in the Beatles
Aug 22An assassination attempt on this French president's life failed
Sep 1This Caribbean nation gained independence from the UK
Sep 8This nation's troops exceed the Tibet-India boundary
Sep 18Rwanda, Burundi, Jamaica & Trinidad admitted to the international community
Sep 25This heavyweight KO'd Floyd Patterson
Sep 30James Meredith registered for classes at this southern US university
Sep 30This Mexican-American labor leader forms the United Farm Workers
Oct 5The Beatles release their first record called this
Oct 9This African nation gained independence from the UK
Oct 14US U-2 espionage planes locate missile launchers on this island
Oct 18 Dr Watson (US) & Drs Crick & Wilkins (Britain) win Nobel Prize for Medicine for work in determining structure of this
Oct 24US began this action against Cuba
Oct 28This 'crisis' ended after Kennedy and Khruschev made public and secret agreement
Nov 6This youngest brother of the current US president was elected to the US senate for Massachusetts
Nov 6The UN adopted a resolution to condemn this African nation
Nov 16Todor Zjivkov became premier of this Eastern European nation
Nov 29These two nations agreed to built the Concorde
Nov 30This Burmese man became the 3rd Secretary-General of the UN
Dec 8The funeral for this Dutch queen was held in Delft
Dec 16This David Lean epic, starring Peter O'Toole debuted ,
Dec 31This nation's troop left New Guinea

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