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Can you name the People on the Golden Girls?

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Dorothy's Ex-Husband
Blanche's Initials
Blanche Elizabeth Deveraux 
The Oldest Actress in Real Life
Dorothy's Anniversary
Most common food used
Director of Golden Girls
Creator of Golden Girls
Blanche's Sister
Dorothy's Brother
Dorothy's Sister
Sophia's Brother
Sophia's Sister
Sophia's First Husband
Blanche's Daughter
Rose's Daughter
Rose's Son
Rose's Husband
Blanche's Son
Sophia's Husband
Blanche's Husband
Blanche's Husband's Brother
Dorothy's Son
Dorothy's Daughter
The youngest actress on the show
The Doctor Next Door
Blanche's Home Town
Rose's Home Town
Sophia's Home Land
Dorothy's Home Town
Blanche's Place of Occupation
Rose's Occupation
Rose's Place of Occupation
Rose's Employer
Actress who played Blanche's Mammy
The Gay Cook
Sophia's Third Husband
Sophia's Retirement Home
Location of the House
Street Name of the House
Where 'Sal Loves Sophia' was written
Blanche's Father's Nickname
Blanche's Maiden Name
Blanche's Brother's Name
Dorothy's Husband
Last word uttered in series finale
'You'll always be my sisters. Always' 
Dorothy's Nickname by Sophia

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