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Can you name the quote coined by the following people?

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Forced Order
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'Just remember I'm ____, Danny.' -Alec
'I was having a night terror. ____, Sharrock.' -Danny
'We're best friends.' -Alec 'Whatever ____.' -Dakota
'____ for life!!' -Kyle
'...wait. First, do you know what a ____ is?' -Lexi
'I always turn my ____.' -Danny
'Hey ____.' -Shiloh
(Driving in front of Danny's car returning from late-night bowling) 'Please turn your ____.' -Danny's mom
'Dishes ____!' -Sharrock
(After mysterious knock in the middle of watching Jennifer's Body) '____.' -Kyle
'I can be ____.' -Becky
'Guys, do you ever wake up and just ____?' -Anonymous tiger
'I get all awkward and then I clam up ____?' -Alec
QuoteMissing Word(s)
'Mmmm, that ____ smells so good.' -Alec
'I hate ____. They aren't afraid of anything' -Kyle
'Can you do that again?' -Kyle, Alec, and Danny '____.' - Lexi
'That was the fastest I've ever finished a ____.' -Danny
The 3 words Sharrock can't pronounce
'I ____, so i can like it now.' -Sharrock
'Ugh, I hate that movie/game.' -Sharrock 'Why do you hate it?' -Us 'Well, it's ____.' -Sharrock
'You can't measure the Sun with a ruler, it would melt.' -Kyle and Alec 'Not ____!' -Lexi
'I do too have ____.' -Kim
(Making wild motions with one hand) 'He's a really good ____.' -Lexi
'Hey ____.' -Shiloh
'Bull****, ____!' -Anonymous Xbox rager

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