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Geriatric Association23,721,626
Geriatric Association23,574,328
Big Box Store Free Publication8,196,081
Improved dwellings and green spaces 7,644,011
Literate food processing6,112,811
Countrywide geopositioning4,493,110
Desireable Home Economics4,427,964
Teacher of playing4,364,170
Feminine twelve hours3,919,488
Loop of kinfolk3,849,673
The house diary of the fairer sex3,831,072
Homo Sapiens3,553,420
Chronological Measurements3,312,484
House flavor3,257,200
Athletics with Decorative Features3,212,278
Comprised of the World3,046,229
Life in Dixieland2,841,894
Spanish 'Way'2,740,176
Canon's counterpart2,549,893
Solution or Cure2,517,659
Roadside Assitance2,460,455
Self made media magnate2,415,336
Patriotic Troop Formation2,346,264
Compelling charm and allure2,320,325
The process of begetting2,229,253
Scarlet volume of pages2,226,356
Those who have begat2,202,324
Kinfolk amusement2,117,635
Boob Tube Advisor2,093,124
Sports Center's home base2,073,813
Roadside Assitance2,072,502
Ex-Con Homemaker Life2,057,960
Washington D.C. Museum 2,054,696
Beacons of sorts2,026,433
Not particularly complicated2,014,781
You, him and I, every seven days1,952,885
This doesn't grow on trees1,928,179
Masculine Wellness1,917,411
Diversion every seven days1,798,643
Patriotic gun toters1,794,633
Airy Food Preparation1,783,139
a la mode1,760,365
Daily with a food celebrity1,709,636
Food Processing a game using clubs1,676,792
Avians and Flora1,655,052
Exurban Life1,614,398

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