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Can you identify whether each athlete below is Real (R) or Fictional (F)?

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AthleteR(eal) or F(ictional)?Info
Shane Falco
Brian Piccolo
Steffi Graf
Mickey Rawlings
Kit Keller
Michael Oher
Taro Tsujimoto
Jesus Shuttlesworth
Julius Erving
Howie Morenz
Jesminder Bhamra
Ogie Ogilthorpe
Milo of Croton
Amanda Whurlizer
Dean Youngblood
AthleteR(eal) or F(ictional)?Info
Patches O'Houlihan
Ferguson Jenkins
Johnny Unitas
François Pienaar
Matt Saracen
Rod Tidwell
Sonja Henie
Jake LaMotta
Rocky Balboa
Roy Race
Ian Rush
William G. Grace
Roy Hobbs
Valery Kharlamov

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