Literary Ships by Crewmember

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Can you name the literary marine vessels based on their crewmembers and/or passengers?

Updated Mar 28, 2012

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Brother Brutha, VorbisT. Pratchett
Capt. Hornblower, some pearl-diversC.S. Forester
Charlie Allnutt, Rose SayerC.S. Forester
Capt. Ramius, Political Officer Putin, Navigational Officer KamarovT. Clancy
Capt. Flint, Israel Hands, Ben GunnR.L. Stevenson/R.F. Delderfield
Eärendil, ElwingJ.R.R. Tolkien
Ham, Japheth, various animalsBook of Genesis et al.
Capt. Blood, Nicholas Dyke, Ned OgleR. Sabatini
Ged, an old fisherman with cataractsU. LeGuin
Rev. Scott, Det. Rogo, Mary KinsaleP. Gallico
Le Chevalier François de HadoqueHergé
Capt. Brashen Trell/Althea Vestrit/AmberR. Hobb
Para Handy, Engineer MacPhail, Dougie the MateN. Munro
Capt. Queeg, Lt. Keefer, Lt. MarykH. Wouk
Count Dracula, doomed Russian sailorsB. Stoker
Capt. Pugwash, Tom the Cabin Boy, WillyJ. Ryan
The Captain, his young daughter, an old sailor who 'had sailed to the Spanish Main.'H.W. Longfellow
Hrym, Loki, legions of jötnarS. Sturluson et al.
Capt. Smollett, Long John Silver, Jim HawkinsR.L. Stevenson
Capt. Aubrey, Dr. Maturin, 1st lt. DillonP. O'Brian
Capt. Hook, Boatswain Smee, First Mate StarkeyJ.M. Barrie
Capt. Ball, First Mate Montgomery, Mr. GlencannonG. Gilpatric
Capt. Nemo, Prof. Arronax, Ned LandJ. Verne
John, Susan, and Roger WalkerA. Ransome
King Caspian X, Lucy Pevensie, ReepicheepC.S. Lewis
Travis McGeeJ.D. McDonald
Jason, Herakles, OrpheusApollonius Rhodius et al.
Capt. Conway, Midshipman Bolitho, Midshipman DancerA. Kent
Capt. McWhirr, First Mate Jukes, Solomon RoutJ. Conrad
Capt. Ahab, Queequeg, IshmaelH. Melville

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