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Can you name the medieval (and earlier) romantic partners of the people named below?

Quiz Updated Sep 24, 2012

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One Half of CoupleOther HalfLiterary Source
BrynhildrThe Völsungasaga
PetrarchIl Canzoniere
Queen GuinevereGeoffrey of Monmouth et al.
Melanion (or Hippomenes)Hesiod et al.
EurydiceVergil et al.
HectorHomer et al.
JimenaThe Mocedades de Rodrigo et al.
Sir GawainThe Weddynge of Syr Gawen and [the answer]
JacobBook of Genesis
MedeaEuripides et al.
OdysseusHomer et al.
EnidThe Mabinogion et al.
One Half of CoupleOther HalfLiterary Source
AeneasVergil et al.
CleopatraPlutarch et al.
Empress TheodoraProcopius
King Shahryar1001 Arabian Nights
CynthiaPoems of [the answer]
King Edward I LongshanksVarious records and correspondence
XanthippePlato et al.
CatullusPoems of Catullus
EmerThe Ulster Cycle
TroilusBoccaccio, Chaucer, et al.
AbelardLetters between the two lovers!
BeatriceLa Divina Comedia
TristanSir Thomas Malory et al.

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