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QUIZ: Can you name the songs dealing with executions from which the following lyrics are taken?

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LyricSong TitleArtist
Answer one question: / How do we teach 'Thou Shalt Not Kill?' / The gas is rising / There goes the bellLard
Oh often hae I dressed my Queen / And put gold in her hair / But noo I've gotten my reward / The gallows tae by my shareTraditional
O ye’ll tak’ the high road and I’ll tak’ the low road / And I'll be in Scotland afore yeTraditional
And their song of hope and freedom it rang inside that prison / It beat against the iron bars and crashed against the stoneEric Bogle
I hear the clock / These walls are green / I see your face through tin and screenSuzanne Vega
Once I had a job I had a girl / Between our dreams and actions lies this worldBruce Springsteen
Oh momma I can hear you a'crying you're so scared and all alone / Hangman is comin' down from the gallows and I don't have very long.Styx
Angel of Mercy, people are suffering / All over the world / Spanish children are taught on their knees to believePaul Simon
I'm sittin' here on death row and Lord I've lost my mind / For love I've killed my darlin' and for love I'll lose my lifeLoretta Lynn
A nightmare of Mescal was all that it was for no one had robbed me at all / I wish was dreaming the sound of the gallows they're testing just outside the wallRobert Earl Keen
LyricSong TitleArtist
The judge said 'Son, what is your alibi? / If you were somewhere else then you won't have to die'Johnny Cash et al.
Sweat chilling cold / As I watch death unfold / Consciousness my only friendMetallica
Blessed are the persecuted / And blessed are the pure in heart / Blessed are the merciful / And blessed are the ones who mournJoan Baez
His own confession was a presecutor's prize / Made up of fear, of rage, and of outright lies10000 Maniacs
Then I awake and look around me at the four grey walls that surround me / And I realize that I was only dreamingTom Jones et al.
Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while / Think I see my friends comin' / Ridin' many a mileLed Zeppelin et al.
This time tomorrow / Reckon where I'll be / Hadn't a-been for Grayson / I'd a-been in TennesseeThe Kingston Trio et al.
And I heard him tell the singers 'There's a song my mama sang / Can I hear it once before we move along?'Merle Haggard
So when the preacher comes to get me / And they shave off all my hair / Could you take that long walk with me / Knowing Hell is waitin' there Steve Earle

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