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What Carthaginian general famously brought elephants over the Alps to attack Rome?
Which King of Epirus brought elephants across the Adriatic, also to attack Rome?
Which historical figure had a horse named Bucephalus?
Which Roman Emperor allegedly threatened name his favourite racehorse to the Senate?
And what was that horse's name?
What type of bird was the pet of Catullus' lady-friend Lesbia?
What was the name of the little dog belonging to Martial's friend Publius?
What mythical figure had hunting dogs named Hylactor and Ichnobates?
What was the name of Trimalchio's dog in Petronius' Satyricon?
Which Roman author recommended 'Rome' and 'Tigris' as suitable names for dogs?
What was the name of the puppy whose death was taken as a good omen by L. Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus?
And what was the name of the little girl who owned that puppy?
What was the name of the cat-goddess of ancient Egypt?
Who gets turned into a donkey in Apuleius' Asinus Aureus?
Which Roman Goddess is usually portrayed feeding a snake?
What dark-brown colour gets its name from the Latin word for a cuttlefish?
What type of animal does the slave Sceledrus pursue onto the roof in Plautus' Miles Gloriosus?
What type of animal saved Romulus and Remus after they had been abandoned as infants?
The Latin word 'felix,' meaning 'happy' or 'fortunate,' is related to the Latin word for which animal?
What type of animal was the main ingredient of the Roman sauce called 'garum.'
What animals adorn the main gate of the city of Mycenae?
In addition to the eagle owl and the vulture, what type of bird was considered sacred to the Greek God Ares?
What animals, sacred to Juno, alerted a Roman soldier to an attack on the Capitoline hill by marauding Celts?
What was that soldier's name?
To what animal did the ancient Greeks give the name 'river horse?'

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