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Can you name some of the other names proposed for what became the Dominion of Canada in 1867?

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The British Royal Consort at the time
'Northern Albion' (English)
'Northern Land' (Latin)
A Roman province
An early explorer of North America
'Colony' (Latin)
An acronym based on the 6 founding peoples of Canada
A native village on the site of what is now Montreal.
A saint after whom a major Canadian river is named.
'The Land Between the Seas' (Greek)
'Northern Land' (English)
'Higher' (Latin)
'Across the Atlantic' (Latin)
An acronym based on a name very similar to that of the country to the South.
'Land of Bears' (Latin)
'Land of the Evening Star' (Latin)
The British Monarch at the time
The original Viking name for the area

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