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I. God portrayed by the Statue at Olympia.
What emerges from a machina.
Nocturnal condensations.
Constructs clothing.
Ottawa's hockey team, for short.
'Without,' in Paris.
Mentally healthy.
II. A temple, like that of Artemis at Ephesus.
A monetary penalty.
A crucial part of a fork.
A popular American news magazine.
A large and often ancient book.
III. What was built at Halicarnassus for Mausolus.
A hair-fixing tool.
To arrive.
The middle of an apple.
To be concerned.
The weight of a vehicle without cargo.
An edible tropical tuber.
IV. Italian word for the type of wonder at Alexandria.
What you pay to ride the bus.
What you shouldn't shout in a crowded theatre.
A piece of wet, swampy, ground.
Belonging to me.
To pay attention to something.
Sir Francis Drake's ship: The Golden ____
A royal flush or full house.
V. What the Gardens at Babylon used to do.
A sudden feeling of emotional distress.
What a dog does when it's hot.
A role in a theatrical production.
VI. What the Colossus of Rhodes guarded.
A minute opening in the skin.
To inflict tedium.
The trunk of a tree.
To form hay into a bundle.
A very strong wind.
An often extravagant festivity.
One of the major ancient Philistine cities.
VII. Where the Great Pyramid is located.

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