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Who won the 2005 World Series?
Given a=43 b=53 c=72 Find the area of the triangle.
The native language of Brazil is what?
$25,000 is deposited into a trust fund that pays 8.75% interest. How long will it take for the money to double?
What pop singer is known for her use of autotune and dressing like a drunk, trashy tramp?
How many stripes does the American flag have?
Solve (x^2 + 6x + 5) / (x^2 - 1) when x=4
What quote became famous after President Clinton's scandal?
Find the end-behavior (62x^3 +26x^2) / (124x^7 + 66x^5)
There are 18 apples, Billy eats 5, Sally gets 2 more, Monica eats 12, then Billy out of anger throws the rest at a passing elderly bystander. How many apples are left?
The Manhattan Project was for the development of what?
Where is Waldo?
6u + 7v when u= -2i + 7j & v=3i - 8j
What is the first name of American Idol's Season 9 winner?
(8+17) / 5
Ln 12
Log 35
You have 82 oranges and you give away half of them. How many oranges do you have?
What do cows drink?

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