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Can you name the terms from the card game 'Bridge'?

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A sequence of four cards played, one per player. The largest card wins this.
The Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of a suit
The suit that outranks all others
The act of abstaining from bidding
The player with the first opportunity to bid
The first player to make a playable bid
On the offensive team, the first player to bid the trump suit
The partner of the declarer.
The final playable bid made
After the opponent bids, the act of making a higher bid, especially before your partner has bid
A bid that, by convention, requires your partner to bid on his next opportunity
An attempt to win a trick with a lower card when your opponents hold a card that could defeat it
A bid abbreviated by 'X'
A bid abbreviated by 'XX'
A style of Bridge normally played in tournaments, where the same hand is played by multiple tables, and results are compared.
The act of defeating a contract
The suits of hearts and spades
The suits of clubs and diamonds
A made contract that scores at least 100 points 'below the line' in rubber bridge. Must be at least 5 of a minor suit, 4 of a major, or 3 No Trump.
Bidding and making a contract of 6 of a suit or no trump
Bidding and making a contract of 7 of a suit or no trump
Tricks taken beyond the contract
Holding exactly one card in a suit
Holding no cards of a suit
When valuing your hand, Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks are respectively worth 4, 3, 2, and 1 of these.
A bidding convention, where a bid of 4 No Trump signals your partner to use their next bid to reveal the number of aces in their hand.
A bidding convention, where a bid of 2 Clubs following an opening of 1 No Trump asks your partner to reveal their 4-card major, if they have one.
An opening bid of 2 or more of a suit that can signify a weak hand with one very long suit
The use of a trump card to defeat a card of a different suit

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