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QuestionAnswerPhor Phun
In what year did Fishman begin wearing a suit while performing?
What military name does Trey refer himself as?
What song did Phish tease/play to begin David Bowie during the 5/8/93 Durham show?
In Bittersweet Motel, what weapon did Trey buy in Spain?
Before Moma Dance got its lyrics, what was it called?
The 'With' part of The Curtain With is actually what song played slowly?
If I were here and you were there, I'd meet you where?
What was Trey wearing on his head when he came out for Halloween '94
12-30-97, The Harpua story, list the 6 things Trey pulls out of his lunchbox and puts on the 5 points of the pentigram.
'I turned the blade back on the bitch and dropped her in the dung' is an oft left out verse of what song?
I never met a man I could not forget accept for who? (Piper Philler on Vegas 2000 DVD)
Who used to be Phish's merchandising manager who is best known as being Phish's offical 'First Phan'?
Steve Pollak is best known by what nickname?
QuestionAnswerPhor Phun
Where do they call me The Sloth?
Page's father helped invent what drug?
*BONUS* He also helped develop what first commercial medical machine?
What did Phish set fire to at the end of the Great Went?
What was Fishman's side band that's name sounded like a bacon scene from the Wizard of Oz?
In one of Phish's most popularly played songs, what doesn't Gordo want to be?
It all would be so crystal clear if it wasn't for what?
Where palm trees dipped and seagulls swerved I parked my kayak on a what?
The Mockingbird Foundation raises money primarily for what?
What's arguable the worst website that could've happened to Phish?
Mike Gordon got roughed up by some Hell's Angels and then was arrested under what charge?
What co-founding member of the band left the group to follow Jesus?

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