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Who brought Harry to Privet Dr?
What did they ride to get there?
What male was waiting for them there?
What female was waiting for them there?
Whith whom did they leave Harry there with?
Who first woke Harry up in the next scene?
When Dudley jumped on the stairs, where did he say they were going?
How many presents did Dudley have waiting for him?
How many did he get last year?
What kind of creature did Dudley want his parents to make move?
Where was this creature bred?
What does the creature say to Harry when he helps the creature escape?
When Harry gets his first Hogwarts letter, who takes it from him?
What is Uncle Vernon's favorite day of the week?
At 12:01am, Hagrid shows up at the Dursley's hideout on what occassion?
What is Hagrid's wand the shape of?
What, other than his Hogwarts letter does Hagrid give Harry?
The Durselys told Harry his parents died how?
Where did Hagrid take Harry when they got to London?
Who refused to shake his hand there?
He is wearing what on his head?
Hagrid then brings Harry where?
What place did Harry get his money from?
What size Cauldron did he have to buy?
What did Hagrid buy for Harry there? (specific)
He baught his wand from where?
Which has what for its core?
When Harry got to King's Cross, who told him how to get onto Platform 9 3/4?
Who first sits with Harry on the train?
They are then joined by who?
This person is looking for who?
That was lost by who?
What charm fixes Harry's glasses?
What color does Ron try to turn his rat?
When they arrive at the station, who is waiting for them?
The first years then take what form of transportation to get to Hogwarts?
That are powered by what?

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