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The capital of the Netherlands
They had a tea party here back in 1773
The largest city of Morocco
One of the most famous car rallies is named after this city
The 7th largest city of the UK, known for its many festivals
You can cross the Ponte Vecchio here
Christopher Columbus was said to be born here
Until 1976 this city was called Saigon
The national capital of Pakistan
Soweto is a well known township in this city
The Petronas Towers can be found here
Second largest metropolitan area of France
The Australian Open is played here
One of the venues for the World Cup Socces in Brazil
This African capital has 8 vowels in its name
A US state capital which also is a French first name
Largest city of a country which has Manila as its capital
Named after the river of january
Home to the 49'ers, Atheletics, Warriors and Sharks
The largest city of Uzbekistan
Capital city of Mongolia
This city hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics
You can visit the Wilanow Palace is this Eastern European city
This city of millions is the capital of the Chinese province of Shaanxi
Any capital city with Y
The most populous city of Switzerland

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