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'The Morning Star of the Reformation'1328-1384
Famous early Bohemian 'Reformer'1369-1415
Anti-Lutheran humanist and satirist. Published (put on the market) the first printed edition of the Greek New Testament in 1516.1466-1536
Early German Anabaptist. He was burned at the stake and his wife was drowned by religious and secular authorities.1480-1528
Pope Leo X's 'Wild Boar'. Translated the first German Bible.1483-1546
Divided from Luther over the Lord's Supper. Had a hand in the beginnings of the controversial Anabaptist movement.1484-1531
Aided King Henry VIII to legitimize his divorce. Wrote the Anglican Church's first Book of Common Prayer. Later martyred as a heretic under Queen Mary I.1489-1556
Martyr who wrote the first printed English New Testament.1494-1536
Prophesied that the return of Christ would occur in 1533 and Strasbourg would be the New Jerusalem. This was one of the major factors in events leading up to the Münster Rebellio1495-1543
Founder of the Mennonites1496-1561
The theological voice of the German branch of the Reformation.1497-1560
Founded the Swiss branch of the Anabaptist movement.1498-1526
Scottish preacher who was martyred by Cardinal David Beaton for preaching Lutheran doctrines.1504-1528
Leader of the infamous Münster Rebellion.1509-1536
The theological 'organizer of Protestantism'. Wrote the Institutes of the Christian Religion.1509-1564
Primary personality in the establishment of the Reformation in Scotland. Famously opposed to feminine monarchies as seen in his opposition to Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.1514-1572
Controversial disciple of Calvin whose controversial theology centers upon predestination and election.1519-1605
Leading editor and primary New Testament translator of the 1560 Geneva Bible, the English predecessor to the King James Bible.1524-1579
One of the two German Reformers who prepared the Heidelberg Catechism that the Lutheran Church eventually adopted.1534-1583
Early Anglican Divine who opposed the English Church's ecclesiastical structure.1535-1603
Advocate of human free will. His theology caused the Council of Dort to convene.1560-1609
Considered to be the founder of the Puritan Congregationalists.1563-1624
Many consider him to be the founder of the Baptist movement that began in England and Holland.1565-1616
'The Father of International Law'. Remonstrant and supporter of Arminianism. Developed a 'Moral Government' view of the atonement.1583-1645
Developed the doctrine that the covenant of works with Adam was replaced by the New Covenant in Christ.1603-1669
Founder of the Amish1644-1711

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