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Forced Order
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Can change to a rat
Works for
Original Name
Who made 7
One unexpected one was
Who marries
Who's daughter is
Who's middle name is after
Who's Dad is the editor of the
Which had an exclusive writing from
Who was the reporter at the
Which in the first task Harry fought a
Like Hagrid's, named
Which he got in the Sorcerer's
When the DADA teacher was
Who meets Harry Potter in the
Which is the entrance to
Where Hagrid buys Harry a pet
Who's name is
Who gets killed in the Deathly
Which one of the three Hallows is the
Which Grindelwald and ____ looked for
Who was the headmaster of
Who's next headmaster was
Who loved the student
Who hates Harry's friend
Who marries
Who is a
Just like Harry's Mom
Who Marries
Who's best friend is
Who owned the house elf
Just like a free house elf
Who got killed by
Who's Death Eater sister is
Who's husband is
Who's prison, at their house, Malfoy _____
Got checked in the 7th book by

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