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QUIZ: Can you name the Seinfeld season for each episode title?

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The Comeback
The Raincoats
The Gymnast
The Big Salad
The Jimmy
The Lip Reader
The Invitations
The Ex-Girlfriend
The Soup Nazi
The Airport
The Merv Griffin Show
The Little Kicks
The Alternate Side
The Dinner Party
The Chicken Roaster
The Stock Tip
The Marine Biologist
The Chinese Restaurant
The Pool Guy
The Movie
The Pitch
The Puffy Shirt
The Revenge
The Race
The Van Buren Boys
The Yada Yada
The Pilot
The Strike
The Puerto Rican Day
The Parking Garage
The Contest
The Robbery
The Gum
The Pen
The Betrayal
The Calzone
The Boyfriend
The Limo
The Chaperone
The Serenity Now

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