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Where does Bella move from?
What color is Bella's truck?
Where did the Cullen's move from?
What class do Bella and Edward have together?
What does Bella's mom say happened to the powercord?
What is Bella's dad's job?
What town does Bella move to with her dad?
What almost kills Bella?
What is the name of the beach there?
How old does Edward tell everyone he is?
Why doesn't Edward have a bed?
What instrument does Edward play?
What arm does James bite Bella on?
How does Edward get into Bella's room?
What sport are Bella and the Cullen's going to play?
Evil, girl, red haired vampire?
Evil vampire that dies at end of movie?
Bella's fathers name
What is Alice's special talent?
Where does James tell Bella to go?

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