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Can you name the different MUN facts?

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The international body from which the UN originated
The Secretary General of the actual UN
How many delegates did NøGMUN send to EGMUN?
Who is the smallest NøGMUN Delegate?
The P5 Nations
How long does it take for the chairs to write a resolution?
Who founded NøGMUN?
How many placards do NøGMUN have?
Who is the oldest of the NøGMUN chairs
What is the name of Chris' tie with shields on it and Sebastian's red patterned tie?
What is, according to every conference manager ever, NøGMUN's favorite country?
What is the MUN Directors middle name?
Number of delegates in the GA
The year of UN formation
How is USA and Russia's relationship, in a word?
Who is the youngest of the NøGMUN chairs
The President elect of the General Assembly
What was sent with the staff at EgMUN? Full list
How many asians regularly attend NøGMUN?
Who may vote on Amendments?
Who were the chairs before the present chairs?
Where was the first conference Nørre attended?
Who is the NøGMUN sugarmama?
Who may vote on Resolutions?
Who broke the SC Podium at EGMUN?
What was the major conflict between Lurx and Chris at EgMUN?

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