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Can you name the Football team from their nickname, english clubs?

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AddicksA corruption of the word 'haddocks', named after a local fish and chip shop. Or a play on words from their name. Depending what you beleive.
BaggiesAcquired when the players played in long shorts
BantamsA reference to the claret and amber colours of the club's strip
Black CatsNamed after the Black Cat gun battery which stood on the river Wear. Also references the lucky black cat which led to the team winning the FA cup
BluesColour of home football kit, premiership maybe more than one
CanariesInitially due to popularity of canary breeding in Norfolk, later home strips are the same colour as the bird, and is now used in the club's logo
CitizensDeveloped from 'City'
ClaretsColour of home strip
ClubDue to the fact they were the 'Original Football Club'
CottagersFrom club's ground, Craven Cottage
EaglesTaken from nickname of Benfica.
FilbertsSeldom used, derives from previous ground being located on Filbert Street
GunnersLocal links to military arsenal/due to the founders was in fact workers on a local arms factory
HoopsDesign of home strip
IronsIndicates the club's origins as the football team of Thames Ironworks
LilywhitesColour of home strip
LionsFeatured on badge
MagpiesBased on black and white colour of home strip
OwlsBased on name of local area (Owlerton),
PompeyThe nickname for the city
PoolShort version of name
PoshBelieved to derive from former manager Pat Tirrel proclaiming that he was looking for: 'Posh players for a posh team'
PottersLocal links to the pottery industry
RamsFolk song and by extension an emblem of the city
Red DevilsNickname originally belonged to nearby rugby league team Salford
VikingsBecuase the vikings could not defeat the area
RoyalsThe town is in the Royal County of Berkshire.
SaintsSt. Mary's Church Young Men's Association
SeasidersBased on coast
Toffeesa woman in a blue and white dress used to walk around before the game and throw toffees to people in the crowd
VillansBased on official name

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