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Can you name the figures in the DC heroclix set Unleashed?

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NumberFigureVeteran Keywords
1-3Police, Spy
4-6Police, Warrior
7-9Detective, Police, Gotham City
10-12Future, Police, Scientist
13-15Strike Force Kobra, Warrior
16-18Justice League of America, Warrior
19-21Future, Legion of Super Heroes, Scientist
22-24Gotham City, Society
25-27Secret Six, Suicide Squad
28-30Gotham City
31-33Martial Artist, Secret Six
34-36Armor, Manhunters, Justice League International, Robot
37-39Future, Legion of Super Heroes, Spy
40-42Strike Force Kobra
43-45Animal, Gotham City, Monster
46-48Suicide Squad, Society
49-51Gotham City, Martial Artist
52-54Robot, Teen Titans
55-57Injustice League, Society
58-60Birds of Prey, New Gods, Warrior
61-63Mystical, Opal City
NumberFigureVeteran Keywords
64-66Mystical, Sentinels of Magic, Teen Titans
57-69Central City, Justice Society
70-72Justice Society, Mystical, Sentinels of Magic
73-75Extreme Justice, Metropolis, Warrior
76-78Metropolis, Teen Titans
79-81Mystical, Ruler, Society
82-84Green Lantern Corps, JLA
85Brute, Metropolis, Robot
86Injustice Gang, Monster, Soldier
87Green Lantern Corps, Justice League International
88Kid, Justice Society, Mystical
89Animal, Secret Society of Super Villains, Psychic, Scientist
91Amazon, Armor, Warrior
92Infinity Inc, Police, Politician
93Armor, Future, Warrior
94Armor, Future, Gotham City
96Brute, Future
97Future, Gotham City, Robot

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