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Forced Order
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LyricsSong TitleAlbum
And if you see her tell her it's over
My girl's a liar but I'll stand beside her
Sharing Chiclets from the same pack
I'm going to be more than a friend
Class of 1988, never thought you'd graduate
Make me happy for one moment in my lifetime
I'm flying up so high, my purple majesty displaying
Oh, how I need a hand in mine to feel
Life is so cruel without you beside me
Don't bother to pack your bags or your map
My best friends are gone
My ocular nerve went, pop, zoom
I never thought it'd come to this
When you're out with your friends in your new Mercedes-Benz
You are cool, you are hot, and you know what you've got
LyricsSong TitleAlbum
Woe is me
Oh yeah alright feels good inside
So make a move, 'cause I ain't got all night
Not a single damn thing was true
It's a good thing you float in the air
Let me be the man in your arms
I can console you and give you a kiss
One more loss in a losing life doesn't hurt so bad anymore
When you kiss me and say you love me it makes me feel so good
Timberland knows the way to reach the top of the charts
Amy Moore blew her top
It's nothin' real so I'd rather keep whackin'
She said she's feeling lonely and I say that's ok
I'm sorry for what I did
What could you possibly see in little ol' three-chord me

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