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Can you name the host of the reality show when told what the objective is?

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Your bar is failing? Give him a call and watch just about everything change.
She's embraced being called a robot...and it doesn't hurt that she's married to the head of CBS either.
It's too bad his competitiors are so obsessed with sabotaging food. I bet some good eats come outta there.
This man can get more than a taste of certain places. Even ones that are unknown.
This guy is amazing. Or at least his show is.
He didn't always win taking on certain culinary delights.
One John is a sportscaster, one a comedian. We just want the sportscaster.
He presides over a show where the eventual goal is you proposing to someone who is, at first, a total stranger.
He's been the one constant on his show, where the D-listers try to prove they don't have two left feet.
He goes where Regis and Springer have before him, helming a nationwide talent search.
Don't hold a torch for him. He's there to put it out, but only if the majority of your tribe tells him to.
Did you know he worked in construction before The Man Show? Seriously, he did. Look it up.
Your restaurant is failing? Give him a call, but I can warn you, the experience might be Hell (pun totally intended).
Now, he strictly works with 'old' houses. But for awhile, he got a spinoff where he showed off his carpentry skills.

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