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Can you identify the companies that used these slogans in their advertising.

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slogancompanytype of business
'It does a body good.'food advocacy group
'(product) tastes good, like a cigarette should!'tobacco brand
'You've come a long way, baby.'tobacco brand
'The good stuff kids go for.'fruit drink
'If you ask us, it just tastes better.'fast food
'Betcha can't eat just one.'snack maker
'Because pets can't drive.'e-commerce retailer
'Grab life by the horns'American auto manufacturer
'You got the right one, baby, uh-huh.'bottling company
'The taste people hate, twice a day.'oral care product
slogancompanytype of business
'So easy, a caveman could do it.'insurance company
'We want to race the truck. People love the truck.'package delivery
'Hungry? Why wait?'candy brand
'Yeah, we've got that.'retailer
'If it isn't a (brand name), it isn't a yo-yo.'toys
'We love to fly, and it shows.'airline
'Hey! Where's the cream filling?'baked goods
'Always low prices, always.'retailer
'The Heartbeat of America' American auto manufacturer
'Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride.'Japanese auto manufacturer

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