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It's the site you're on right now, if you're playing this quiz.
It's a user-edited database of knowledge. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing.
It's a webstore for adults with a biblical name.
It only gives you 140 characters, so...
Ever wanna know if Fish from 'Barney Miller' is dead? Go here and find out.
Microsoft copied Google. Maybe. But you can still search the web through them.
Wanna get your motorsports fix? If you like cars that always turn left, here's the site for you.
Go to this website and, grr...take a bite outta crime.
Years ago, if you inadvertently typed in .com as the ending of the URL, it took you to a porn site instead of to where the President lives.
2015 marks the fifteenth anniversary of this Flash toon site. Holy crap.
A lot of WSOP champions have come from various sites, including this one.
Get your business news from the peacock.
Do you still have their internet service? If not, you can still see if You've Got Mail through their site.
A Sean Connery quote gave this meme creation site its abbreviated name. For better or for worse.
The network behind this website used to call itself 'The Total Sports Network'.
So apparently, according to this website, a beloved Sesame Street character has done some very bad things with some very bad people. Did Ernie know?
Wanna cheat on your wife? This dating/social networking site might be able to help.
Burger King was behind this one, where you could make a giant rooster do whatever you wanted...within reason.
You can revisit the laughably bad things of pro wrestling here.
This old website, which is no longer active, claimed it was where the web began.

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