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Can you pick the TV characters that share certain names?

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CharactersShared name
A fairy godparent and Jerry Seinfeld's intrusive neighbor
Two Chicago policemen, one Mike Biggs' partner and the other Steve Urkel's neighbor
A famous TV grouch and a famous TV slob
Lieutenant Kojak, NYPD, and Dr. Cliff Huxtable's only son
Psychiatrist Hartley and restaurateur Belcher
Agent Phelps of the Impossible Missions Force and the Sunshine Cab Company's 'reverend'
Junkman Sanford and quarry worker Flintstone
Two single fathers: a San Francisco widower with three daughters and a Honolulu cop with one
CharactersShared name
The youngest Goldberg child and the Prince of Eternia
Two New Yorkers, one a police captain and the other a womanizing businessman
A truck driver with a gorilla and one of the surgeons of MASH 4077
Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. Superman
Ray Barone's father and a New York City police commissioner
A poor mountaineer who struck oil and the President of the United States
Dunder Mifflin's receptionist and ISIS' HR director and resident gossip

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