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Name any Canadian Olympic host.
At one time, Canadian Football League teams in Ottawa, Ontario and Regina, Saskatchewan had what similar name?
Although it was later struck down due to doping, in 1988 Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson set a world record of 9.79 in what track event?
Before he was called up to the major leagues, Jackie Robinson played for the Royals of what major Quebec metropolis?
Who scored the game and series winning goal for Canada in the 1972 Summit Series against the Soviet Union?
The annual Tim Hortons Brier is a major event in what sport?
The flagship location for the supermarket chain Loblaws now occupies the lower level of which Toronto building, which was more widely known as a hockey arena?
Which Canadian city lost its National Hockey League team to relocation, then received a team when another franchise was relocated to it?
What major sports venue in Canada hosted two editions of WrestleMania, the most recent in 2002?
Although technically a relocation of a franchise from the United States, what CFL team claims the entire history of teams in its city dating back to 1946?
A two time speed skating gold medalist, what Canadian athlete could not light the 2010 Winter Olympic torch in the opening ceremony due to a malfunction?
In 1993, a Canadian point guard from Santa Clara University led his team to an upset in the NCAA tournament. He later became a two time NBA MVP for the Phoenix Suns. Who is he?
In 1988, the men's figure skating competition at the Winter Olympics was dubbed 'The Battle of the Brians'. Which of them was Canadian?
How many World Series games have been played on Canadian soil, as of 2015?
Which of Canada's two Major League Baseball squads, the Expos or the Blue Jays, qualified for the playoffs first?
In what province was Terry Fox forced to abandon his Marathon of Hope for cancer?
The first Heritage Classic hockey game was played in 2003. It was the first ever NHL regular season game staged in what type of venue?
The Toronto Rock and Edmonton Rush are two professional teams that play the box variety of what sport, which is considered one of Canada's national sports?
The Calgary Hitmen are a junior hockey team that takes their name from the nickname of what former Canadian professional wrestler, a native of Calgary?
Current Conservative Senator Nancy Greene became a national hero in 1968 when she won gold and silver medals in the slalom disciplines in what Olympic sport?
Although he was born in England and later identified himself as British, what future world heavyweight boxing champion won gold for Canada in the 1988 Seoul Olympics?
A match race in 1997 pitted what Canadian sprinter against American Michael Johnson in an attempt to determine the 'world's fastest man'?
The only two Canadians to win the Formula One World Drivers' Championship share what last name?
What CFL Hall of Fame quarterback, who retired in 2008, has a brother who won a Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Raiders and who was a Hall of Fame running back in his own right?
As of 2015, golfer Mike Weir is the only Canadian to win which PGA Tour major, played every April in Georgia?
Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins are the first two Canadians to be the first player chosen in what league's annual player draft?
Jockey Ron Turcotte, a New Brunswick native, rode which famous horse to the Triple Crown in 1973?
In the last ever Olympic men's hockey competition contested strictly by amateur players, Canada took the silver medal in 1994, losing to which Scandinavian nation?
What former pitcher became the first Canadian to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991?
In a manner of saving the best for last, what Canadian hockey player is simply known as 'The Great One'?

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