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A deceitful knave preys on one's pride
'Desdemona's an unfaithful bride...'
A purloined handkerchief,
Honeymoon ends in grief,
With a pillow-induced homicide.
Our lead man goes and dies in Act Three
Then he's buried, not praised, by 'Tony
Cassius knows the plan is:
Sic Semper Tyrannis!
And the sequel takes place o'er the sea.
Prospero is sent to exile
Opressors shipwreck on his isle,
Failed coups come unfurled
In Will's brave new world,
The Bard's last great play ends in style.
The revenge of Tamora is nigh
Soon the heads of her foe's sons will fly
But her foe (name of play)
It's her sons he will slay
Queen of Goths: I would NOT eat that pie.
Our Hero learns while undercover
His girl has a new Grecian lover
This is bad, since our boy
Fights for glorious Troy
And so now he must find another.
Our lusty Sir Falstaff romances
Two ladies who scoff his advances
His sweet talk? Heh, no thanks
They ensnare him in pranks
Does he win? I don't like his chances.
He commits regicide with his wife
Witches prophesize death in his life
But his wife, for her lot
Can't wash out that damned spot
And his rule's ended by Thane of Fife.
From a loan our lead man cannot stray
Or a pound of his flesh he must pay
'If you prick, don't we bleed?'
Asks the symbol of greed
Verily, Portia's ploy saves the day!
The King and his friends have a yearnin'
To go chaste in favor of learnin'
All this ends with a glance
At the ladies from France
T'was Lost; later Won? It's uncertain.
Verona's long feud now arouses
New bloodshed - a couple espouses
Their doomed love evermore
While their families wage war...
'Twas a plague on both of their houses.

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