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Season 1
According to Barney these kind of girls are the new half Asians... 
A little boy gets stuck in a claw machine going after what? 
Ted and Barney lick what national landmark? 
A woman beats up Ted using this fighting style 
Who does Barney grind with all night? 
On Halloween who dresses up as a penguin? 
What fake name does Barney use at the matchmaker? 
What rule does Barney invent to end a date in the first five minutes? 
What do Barney and Lily both get arrested for? 
Who writes a phone number on Ted's arm the night that he blacks out? 
What is the name of Barney's mix CD? 
What is Stuart's wife's name? 
What is the fake name Ted gives to Victoria the night they meet? 
What game does Robin invite Barney back to her apartment to play? 
What is the name of the game Marshall invents? 
Where is Victoria's fellowship? 
What song do Marshall and Lily sing together? 
Who does Ted say always told him nothing good happens after 2AM 
Who hosts the Sunday afternoon Kung Fu movie and the LAMAs? 
What kind of animal is the mascot costume that Barney steals? 
Where is the interview for the art program that Lily applied to? 
What is the name of Robin's co-anchor on Metro News 1? 
Season 2
Who does Marshall imagine Lily dating in San Francisco? 
What is at the end of string of hankerchiefs up Barney's sleeve? 
What part of Marshall's body does Lily have a weakness for? 
What movie is Ted upset that Robin hates? 
What Broadway show does Marshall see with Brad? 
Lily steals a ball signed three times by what baseball player from Ted's boss? 
What does Ted offer to call Barney instead of Swarley? 
What is the only food Marshall learned how to cook over the summer? 
What is Robin's popstar name? 
Who plays Barney's brother? 
What does Marshall get Lily for Christmas? 
What does Marshall lend Ted to make up for having sex in the bottom bunk? 
Who does Ted let sleep on his couch? 
Who's funeral does the gang attend, even though they didn't know him, causing them to miss the Superbowl 
Why does Barney say he can't camp out for the wedding dress sale? 
What word can Lily not stand to hear? 
What is the name of the car game that Ted and Marshall play on their roadtrip? 
What magazine does Robin call to cancel her subscription as Ted is moving in? 
What casino does Marshall's bachelor party take place at? 
Who does Barney think is his father? 
What is Scooter's real name? 
Who is Lily and Marshall's limo driver after their wedding? 
Season 3
What is the name of the website that Marshall sends to Barney? 
Where are the girls that Ted and Barney pick up when they pretend to be tourists from? 
What would Ted win if he had a threesome? 
The girl that Barney and Ted make a bet over plays bass in what kind of band? 
What item does Blah Blah sell in Japan? 
What amusement park does Marshall join an evil firm to defend? 
What was the name of Ted's detective club he had as a kid? 
What word does Robin use in so many sentences her friends can't stand it? 
What character does Barney dress up as the day before Halloween? 
Who gives Barney the plan to help rid him of the Yips? 
Who does Barney seduce breaking the Platinum Rule? 
What's wrong with Marshall and Lily's apartment? 
Who does Barney bet he can get Ted to grow a moustache? 
Who is warned to stay away from Barney? 
What is the nickname of Marshall's boss? 
What popstar is in the second Robin Sparkles video? 
What is the name of the goat Lily brings home? 
What politician does Randy incorporate the word bro in? 
What kind of animal can't stand Lily's artwork? 
What does Ted use in place of a diamond ring while proposing to Stella? 
Season 4
What movie must Stella see and enjoy in order for Ted to marry her? 
What celebrity is also obessed with finding the burger Marshall is looking for? 
What is Stella's daughter's name? 
Who is the first intervention for? 
Who is the person Stella least wants at the wedding? 
What is Robin's full legal name? 
Who is the last person seen with little Jeremy's sock? 
What country does Barney think Sweden is? 
What is the name of the character who introduces the group to the Naked Man strategy? 
Who plays the bartender who knocks out Ted? 
According to Marshall who is the only non white person in Minnesota? 
What device does Barney keep smashing when hearing about Ted and Robin hooking up? 
What is the name of the Seattle microbrew that Lily buys a keg of for Marshall? 
What is the name of Ted's radio show? 
What is Barney's mother's name? 
What does Robin imagine as the funniest thing ever? 
What is the name of Robin's morning show? 
What is the name of the manager at GNB who fires Ted? 
What is the first thing on the Murtaugh list Barney does? 
What is the name of Ted's architecture firm? 
According to Barney who invented the three days rule? 
What magazine does Barney's 200th conquest appear in? 
What is the name of the movie that Tony had success writing? 
What is the building that Ted is trying to design shaped like? 
Season 5
What kind of class is the one that Ted originally goes to? 
What job does Lily's doppleganger have? 
What do Ted and Marshall call the pavement in front of their building? 
What kind of jacket do Robin and Barney ridicule Ted for wearing? 
What is the name of the over caffeinated beverage Ted and Marshall drink? 
In 'Bagpipes' bagpipes are code for the sound of what action? 
What Canadian does Lily call in to help breakup Robin and Barney? 
During 'The Playbook' what play is Barney running through the episode? 
What is the name of the boardgame Lily's dad brings to Thanksgiving? 
What article of clothing does Barney challenge himself to get laid while wearing? 
What is Robin's new co host's name? 
What item does Ted leave in the apartment of his future wife? 
What phrase is the drinking game centered around Robin based on? 
What Yankee makes a guest appearance in 'The Perfect Week'? 
What hobby does Ranjit pick up while waiting for Barney? 
What position does Scooter hold at Lily's school? 
Who wrote 'Of course you're still single take a look at yourself you dumb ****'? 
Who goes with Marshall and Ted to visit Lily in Paris? 
Robin walks in on Ted reenacting the final scene from what movie using figurines on his model of the Empire State Building? 
In telling the story to his kids what did Ted add to Clint's portrait? 
What does Ted do everytime he breaks up with a girl? 
Name one of the two items that the gang gets reprimanded for touching at the party 
What former SNL star plays the character modeled after Ted in the Wedding Bride? 
Where is the job that Robin turns down and Don accepts located? 
Season 6
Who does the woman sitting at the bar reading a book end up marrying? 
What is the name of James' father? 
What does Lily ask Robin when she knows Robin is lying about getting over Don? 
What kind of vehicle does Barney originally plan to use in 'Subway Wars'? 
What is the first word out of Barney's mouth everytime he hears about a woman for the first time? 
What is the name of Stuart and Claudia's child? 
What is Randy's last name? 
What did Barney knock down in the Museum of National History when he was a child? 
Who is the organist at Madison Square Garden? 
What is Zoe's step-daughter's name? 
Who does Ted think is going to kill him? 
What Christmas movie does the gang plan to see before Ted destroys the gingerbread house? 
Where is the laser tag tournament that Barney wants Marshall to go to? 
What movie does Marshall's dad suggest the last time he sees Marshall in person? 
What is the name of Marshall's brother who pieces it together that Zoe loves Ted? 
What movies does Marshall and Lily traditionally watch on Valentines Day? 
In a flash forward, who does Ted run into 10 years later at an airport in Hong Kong? 
Following the death of Marshall's father, the gang visits what kind of doctor to get checkups? 
What tool does Barney not know how to use?  
What does Zooey request to be made a national landmark? 
Who does Lily reveal to be her secret crush? 
What is Ted's 'weird-reaction-drink' that, upon drinking, makes him inclined to beatbox? 
What does Ted want to name his future kids? 
What type of rodent does Lily get for her classroom? 
Season 7
Ted has an article published about him in which magazine? 
Which rockstar is Robin misled to assume will be at the Architects' Ball, causing her to go as Ted's date? 
Who is the original owner of the infamous 'Duckie Tie'? 
What is the name of Lily's doctor while she's pregnant? 
Which species from Star Wars does Nora not like, much to Barney's frustration? 
What color does Lily and Marshall originally paint their nursery? 
What does Nora lose when ice skating? 
Who plays the Slutty Pumpkin? 
What does the sign outside of MacLaren's Pub say? 
What food does Lily send Marshall and Ted to go get for her during the concert? 
What do Barney and Ted name the baby that Barney 'adopted'? 
What is the name of the baby store that Lily drags Robin to? 
What is the name of the bar that Ted and Barney open? 
What game does Robin and Kevin play with one another? 
What is Lily's father keeping in the basement of their house? 
What is Quinn's stripper stage name? 
Which country does Robin and her coworker Patrice take a business trip to? 
What hobby (name one) does Ted use Robin's old room for? 
What is the name of the news organization that Robin works for? 
Ted, Marshall and Barney get together every three years to watch what trilogy? 
What Late Night talk-show does Robin appear on after landing a helicopter on live television? 
What inanimate object does Marshall use as a baby to get 'daddy practice'? 
Where is Marshall and Barney when Lily goes into labor? 
What do Lily and Marshall name their son? 
Season 8
What is the name of Victoria's German fiancee? 
What does Barney give Quinn that infuriates her? 
Who becomes Marvin's nanny? 
Lily and Marshall revoke what rule that they implemented with their friends after Marvin was born? 
What animal does Barney use as a wingman? 
What is the name of the Ted's basketball team, made up of fellow architects? 
What is Marshall's stand up routine about? 
What ailment would one get by swimming in polluted Frog Lake? 
What food is Robin allergic to, but ate anyways when the Doctor told her she could no longer have it? 
What does Robin find hidden in the Storm Trooper? 
What is the name of Daryl's hacky sack stand? 
Barney tells Ted that he is going to propose to who? 
Mr. Scherbatsky asks Barney to shoot what? 
What is the name of Barney's half-sister? 
Robin Sparkles grunge alter-ego is called? 
Who was the stranger that Robin let hold a crying Marvin while she was watching him?  
What did Lily steal from The Captain's apartment? 
What is Ted's codename on the radio? 
What TV Show does Ted suggest Marshall watch when he gets angry with Lily? 
Who has a drink named after them at MacClarens? 
Where does The Captain invite Lily to move with him? 
Which 'Karate Kid' makes an appearance as the clown at the end of the episode? 
What did Robin bury in Central Park for her 'something old' when she got married? 
What constantly referenced character makes an appearance for the first time? 
Season 9
Where is the location of Robin and Barney's wedding? 
Which character is getting divorced, much to the alarm of Robin and Barney? 
What did Marshall and Ted accidentally destroy during a sword fight (that belonged to Lily)  
What is the name of Lily's pillow version of Marshall? 
What is the card game played with a 'Karate Kid'? 
Who does Ted couple off with at the beginning of the wedding weekend? 
What does Marshall ask Barney, Robin, and Ted to delete with 'no questions asked'? 
What does Robin claim her mom can make better than Barney's mom? 
What do Lily and Robin challenge Barney to buy while picking up a woman?  
Who is in the picture that Barney plans to give Robin as a wedding gift? 
What does Robin steal from the wedding of her ex-boyfriend, Simon? 
Who does Ted offer to dress up as while playing the piano as a wedding gift to Barney and Robin? 
What kind of scotch did Ted steal for barney? 
What is the first virtue of 'slapistry' that Marshall learns? 
What is Barney's job? 
What does the Mother get as a birthday gift from her former boyfriend, Max? 
Who do Ted and Robin determine is Ted's worst ex girlfriend? 
What does Ted try for the first time and eat a whole batch of? 
The hotel room in which Barney keeps his suits in is under what name? 
Who is the Captain engaged to? 

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