Expert Pokemon Quiz

Can you name the Expert Pokemon Quiz?

What Pokemon move is listed first in alphabetical order?
What hold item increases the duration of Reflect and Light Screen from 5 to 8 turns?
Finish this quote: 'Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and...'
What is the signature move of Regigigas?
Name one of the two non-starter Pokemon that can have the ability Overgrow
Where do you catch Cobalion in Pokemon Black/White?
What Pokemon has the highest total base stats (non-legendary)?
What Pokemon has the lowest total base stats?
What is the only Pokemon with a base stats total of 545?
What item is required to access Celebi in Gold/Silver versions?
'Takeshi' is the Japanese name for which Pokemon character?
How many total Pokemon have no weaknesses?
What is Snorlax's catch rate?
What was the first Pokemon ever created?
What nature increases Sp. Attack and decreases Defense?
What Pokemon does Red have in his party in Gen IV that he didn't have in Gen II?
What Pokemon can be obtained at Birth Island?
Which Pokemon is the Megaton Pokemon?
Name one of the two variations of the move Psychic
What level of Happiness is required for a Golbat to evolve into Crobat?
Violet City shares its background music with what other city?
What Pokemon is number 241 in the National Pokedex?
What is the name of the female player character from FireRed and LeafGreen Versions?
What Pokemon has the highest Attack stat out of all non'legenday Pokemon?
What Pokemon has the highest Defense stat out of all non-legendary Pokemon?
What are the odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon in Gen II?
What Pokemon resembles the Egyptian Gods Ra and Horus?
Rhyhorn has the exact same cry as which other Pokemon?
What is the signature move of Mewtwo, not revealed until Gen V?
What is the name of Giovanni's son?
Pokemon with a lonely nature like what flavor of Pokeblock?
The giant rock formation in the bay of Sunyshore City resembles what Pokemon?
What item is required to get Arceus in Diamond/Pearl versions?
What color is a shiny Wobbuffet?
What item increases the critical hit ratio of Chansey?
What item must be held by a Sudowoodo in order to produce a Bonsly egg?
What Pokemon can be found at the highest level in the wild?
What Pokemon does Gary start with in the original Pokemon series?
What was the first Pokemon Ash ever caught in the original series?
Doom Desire is the signature move of what Pokemon?
What gym badge is awarded for defeating Chuck?
Who is known as 'The Teacher of Winter's Harshness'?
How old are Jessie and James?
What was the first Pokemon to appear in the animated series?
How many berries are required to heal the sick Miltank?
What is the only Pokemon that can learn Flash by leveling up?
Rhydon has the exact same weight as what Gen III Pokemon?
Despite being a normal type move, only one normal type Pokemon can learn Explosion. What Pokemon is it?
Prior to the release of Gold/Silver versions, what name was Marill commonly called by mistake?
What is the only Gen II Pokemon to never appear in the anime?

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