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Can you name the freshwater fish diseases by description?

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small white spots show up mainly on the fins but also on the body; looks like salt
shows up as small yellow or gray dusty spots on the fish
Small holes or indentations on the head of fish; in more advanced cause the lateral line may also be affected
small black specks on the body
Small, white organisms are apparent on the body of the fish; fish may be rubbing against a hard surface
inflammation of the body of the fish, localised redness, or tiny white-green or red worms in wounds
listless behaviour, rubbing of the gills against the sides of the tank, infected fish may have mucus around the gills, and/or protruding pieces of gill
One or both eyes appear to be, protruding abnormally; usually the result of a bacterial infection
Most or all of the fish are usually found at the water surface (not a disease but a problem)
bloated fish, and/or scales may be raised (usually thought of as a symtom, not a disease)

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