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Can you name the Ratchet and Clank Charaters?

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DescriptionCharacterFirst Appearance
Lombax mechanic and main protagonist of the seriesRatchet and Clank
Robot sidekick and actor, Real name XJ-0461Ratchet and Clank
Green spandex, wearing celebrity superheroRatchet and Clank
Main Antagonist of the First Ratchet and Clank gameRatchet and Clank
Computer Geek and member of the Q-ForceRatchet and Clank
Proffessional Hoverboarder and Member of the Q-ForceRatchet and Clank
Moody cyborg personal trainer and member of the Q-ForceRatchet and Clank
Robot Reporter fo Channel 64 NewsRatchet and Clank
A traveling handyman often found near pipesRatchet and Clank
Black market merchant who sells you the RYNORatchet and Clank
Masked thief revealed to be a female LombaxGoing Commando
Chief executive officer of Megacorp who is held captive throughout the game.Going Commando
Mysterious arms dealer always concealed in darknessGoing Commando
Mad robot scientist who detests SquishiesUp Your Arsenal
Posh robot butlerUp Your Arsenal
Captain of the Starship Pheonix and member of the Q-ForceUp Your Arsenal
Galactic president at the Start of Up Your ArsenalUp Your Arsenal
One-eyed Ape and member of the Q-ForceUp Your Arsenal
Evil counterpart of XJ-0461Up Your Arsenal
Robot popstar and singer of 'Anti-Squishie'Up Your Arsenal
Cowardly Robots employed by the Galactic GovernmentUp Your Arsenal
DescriptionCharacterFirst Appearance
Arch-enemy of Secret Agent ClankUp Your Arsenal
Founder and owner of Vox Industries and DreadZoneDeadlocked
Famous hero, captured and forced to work on DreadZoneDeadlocked
Anchorman for Vox NewsDeadlocked
Anchorwoman for Vox NewsDeadlocked
Leader of The Technomites and main antagonist of Size MattersSize Matters
Evil Robot, appearing as a child Size Matters
Lombax expert and main female protagonist of the future seriesTools of Destruction
The last of the Cragmites and main antagonist in Tools of DestructionTools of Destruction
Small mystical beings and guardians of timeTools of Destruction
One of the two robots employed by Max ApogeeTools of Destruction
... and the other oneTools of Destruction
Captain of a large space pirate fleetTools of Destruction
First mate of pirate fleet and occasional protagonistTools of Destruction
Outlaw always accompanied by his talking parrotTools of Destruction
Leader of the Hoolefoids who shows Ratchet an obsidian eyeQuest for Booty
Mutineed captain and main antagonist in Quest for BootyQuest for Booty
Exiled Lombax Warrior and childhood friend of KadenA Crack in Time
Unique Zoni and creater of the Great ClockA Crack in Time
Junior Caretaker of the Great ClockA Crack in Time
Powerful Cyborg mercenary employed by NefariousA Crack in Time

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