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QUIZ: Can you name the Songs of the Wall?

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Side OneA Stuka-dive-bomber is heard at the end of the song
Side OneThe song tells the story of the beginning of Pink's life
Side OnePink begins building his wall
Side OneDetails the school Pink attends
Side OnePossibly the most famous Pink Floyd song
Side OneWaters voices Pink while Gilmour voices his mother
Side TwoSong about 'The Blitz' during World War Two
Side TwoPink's wall is now half complete
Side TwoPink, a rock star, is enjoying the party lifestyle
Side TwoPink regrets his failed relationship with his wife
Side TwoPink's wife leaves him after both have been unfaithful
Side TwoPink, enraged by his wife's departure, finishes the wall
Side TwoGilmour and Wright do not appear on the track
Side ThreeSong written to represent The Wall as a whole
Side ThreePink is hidden behind the wall and can't reach society
Side ThreeGomer Pyle, USMC is heard in the background
Side ThreeThe film Battle of Britain can be heard at the beginning of the song
Side ThreeMost of the characters from the album make an appearance on this track
Side ThreeOne of the greatest guitar solos of all time
Side FourPink is forced to play a concert
Side FourPink descends into the racist dictator persona
Side FourOften played as an encore during Pink Floyd concerts
Side FourMegaphone vocals dominate the song
Side FourShortest Pink Floyd song ever recorded
Side FourPink is placed on trial for his life
Side FourThe End

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