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Character FMLName of Character
Today, I found out that my younger sister is having my boyfriend’s baby, and my father drove my long lost daughter away. FML.
Today, I was leaving Walford, driving through the snow when I realised I had forgotten the most important thing. FML.
Today, I was a greedy plonker. Oh no hang on, that’s every day. FML.
Today, I tried to kill my husband after he left me for his baby’s mother who later rejected him anyway. FML.
Today, we were running from the police on our wedding day and my husband died for a crime I committed. FML.
Today, I realised my boyfriend is actually a paedophile. FML.
Today, my daughter exposed my affair with my son’s wife in front of the whole family. FML.
Today, I escaped from the cellar my ex-husband was holding me in. 2/3 husbands trying to kill me isn’t bad. FML.
Today, I was shot and the perpetrator is close to home. FML.
Today, my family disowned me for falling in love with someone of the wrong gender. FML.
Character FMLName of Character
Today, my 4 kids and I slept at a bus stop. Thank God for my silver bomber jacket keeping us warm. FML.
Today, I finally found my birth mother, but my grandfather told me she didn’t want me. I was fleeing London, when I was mowed down by a car. FML.
Today, I found out that my big sister is actually my mother. And my father is her uncle. FML.
Today, I burnt the nuggets. I never seem to get things right, and my name is always echoing around the square. FML.
Today, my family wised up to my conniving ways leaving them all to be suspects in my later murder. FML.
Today, I planted a tree for my murdered mother. Little did I know, I had nearly dug up the body of my father’s other victim. FML.
Today, I was murdered. Second time lucky. FML.
Today, I was eating cheese and staring at George Michael posters when I realised I hadn’t had a single message on my online dating profile. FML.
Today, my husband squashed my face in the roast dinner he cooked me, so I hit him with an iron. FML.

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