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What are the four nucleotides (or letters) in DNA?
What is the complementary sequence of the 4 letters of DNA?
What is DNA transcription?
What is DNA translation?
What is mutation?
What 4 things cause mutations to occur?
Define evolution in terms of alleles
Define the gene pool of a population.
Role of mutations in evolution
What are antibodies?
What are antigens?
How does a person avoid making antibodies to their own antigens?
What is cell suicide called?
What does a macrophage do?
What does a B cell do?
What do Killer T cells do?
What do helper T cells do?
Which cells are specific to a particular kind of microbe?
Which cells are useful against bacteria and viruses?
Which cells are useful against viruses?
What is the function of plasma B cells?
What is the function of memory B cells?
What 2 ways do antibodies help fight infection?
What is in a vaccine?
What form of a virus is in the vaccine?
Why does being vaccinated prevent disease?
Why do viruses need to infect host cells?
What is the flow of information in HIV?
How is a flu subtype named?
What is the function of the H protein for the virus?
What is the function of the N protein for the virus?
What function do the H and N proteins play for the immune system?
Why is a new flu shot needed each year ('drift')?
How are radically new flus generated by 'drift' interact with the human immune system?
How are radically new flus generated (often by not always new subtypes)?
Why is a new flu vaccine made every year?
How was swine flu generated?
Why did the 1918 flu kill so many people?
What happened with the 1976 flu?
Why didn't we have immunity to the 2000 H1N1?
What is the life cycle of HIV?
How does HIV get into cells and make new proteins and genomes?
Which host cells does HIV infect?
What is the genetic material of HIV?
Can an HIV infection be totally eliminated from the body? Why or why not?
What kills helper T cells in an HIV infection?
List one viral stage targeted by HIV treatment drugs and why it was chosen as a target.
Why are HIV treatment drugs given in a 'cocktail?'
List one specific bacterial process that is stopped by antibiotics and explain why antibiotics target it and don't harm human cells.
What is a mechanism by which bacterial species can acquire new antibiotic resistance alleles?
Why does reducing unnecessary prescriptions of antibiotics and reducing use in healthy animals solve the problem of antibiotic resistance?
Can antibiotic resistance go away?
Where does tuberculosis infect the human body?
How is TB transmitted?
Why is evolution of antibiotic resistance a problem for TB?
Why does TB treatment involve several antibiotics?
How are TB and HIV inter-related?
How does IGAS kill even though it is not hidden from the immune system and is sensitive to antibiotics?
What type of organism causes malaria?
How is malaria transmitted? From whom to whom and by what vector?
How does malaria evade the human immune system?
In terms of the sickle cell anemia allele, who is protected from malaria and why?
In what process do almost all living cells consume oxygen, what is the purpose of this process, and how does it relate to why cells sickle with malaria protists in them?
Is it possible to globally eradicate malaria? How would you try and could it work?
Why was DDT helpful in malaria control efforts?
Why did DDT efforts also fail?
What is zoonosis?
Is HIV currently a zoonosis?
Is malaria a zoonosis?
Is influenza a zoonosis?
Is it possible to globally eradicate a zoonosis?

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