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Can you name the drummers and bass players for these rock bands?

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Aerosmith - Drummer
Aerosmith - Bassist
The Band - Drummer
The Band - Bassist
Beatles - Drummer
Beatles - Bassist
Coldplay - Drummer
Coldplay - Bassist
E Street Band - Drummer
E Street Band - Bassist
Eagles - Drummer
Eagles - Bassist
Fall Out Boy - Drummer
Fall Out Boy - Bassist
Fleetwood Mac - Drummer
Fleetwood Mac - Bassist
Genesis - Drummer
Genesis - Bassist
Grateful Dead - Drummer
Grateful Dead - Bassist
Green Day - Drummer
Green Day - Bassist
Heartbreakers (Tom Petty) - Drummer
Heartbreakers (Tom Petty) - Bassist
The Killers - Drummer
The Killers - Bassist
Led Zeppelin - Drummer
Led Zeppelin - Bassist
My Chemical Romance - Drummer
My Chemical Romance - Bassist
Nirvana - Drummer
Nirvana - Bassist
Pearl Jam - Drummer
Pearl Jam - Bassist
The Police - Drummer
The Police - Bassist
The Pretenders - Drummer
The Pretenders - Bassist
Ramones - Drummer
Ramones - Bassist
REM - Drummer
REM - Bassist
Rolling Stones - Drummer
Rolling Stones - Bassist
The Who - Drummer
The Who - Bassist
U2 - Drummer
U2 - Bassist

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