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The year the Hawaiian Islands were annexed by the U.S
Local Latin American Dictators who formed thier own private armies.
The First settlers of Austrailia were...
In the late 19th century Japan obtained their business practices from here.
As a result of the Russo-Japenese war Japan gained control of the country....
In 1898 Japanese women were forbidden to participate in this activity
from 1868 to 1912 in japan , a major turnign point in Japans history took place. This time was called...
The Russo-Japanese war took place in this country
This dramatically cut traveling distance betweenNew York & San Francisco .
This man carried the letter that demanded Japan to open their ports
Question Answer
The Spanish-american war was fought over this
The nickname Tokyo became known by
The Hawaiian Queen who was overthrown by American Planters in 1893
In the mid 1800's Austria demanded this
The Domination of Canada was created by this act
Canal that made trade easier between Asia and Europe
This country sent troops to Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, and Niceragua
A loan given to workers that ties them to the hacienda
Filipinos accused this organiation of abusing its power in the late 19th century
The British North America Act of 1867 established self-government in this country

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