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Galaxy defenders stay forever!
You'll never find the evidence on me
Ugly is the world we're on
Life's a bitch and so are you
Off to LA and thats where I'll stay
Eyes in the dark
Put your clothes back on and tell me your name
Why am I still paying for her phone
All the alcohol in the world will never help me to forget
Coconut cream and coffee coloured thighs
So kick off your shoes let the fun begin
Show us your teeth and what you got underneath
I'm a believer , and thats what gets you through
No one here to check if your under age
Thats what I said when I left her in bed
Your photos on my freezer door
He's been a drunk all his life
People rip me for the clothes I wear
Blowing out the candles now
Listen till your ears explode
Don't wanna get there wishing that I gave it more
Everyone needs to eat
Now lets party
So hold me till the sun burns out
Pushing me out when I wanted in
She had the nicest legs I'd ever seen
Dancing on the kitchen tiles
I ran to get my bike , it wasn't there
So I took it upon myself to ask her
We all look the same in the dark
Don't wanna hear you say maybe
The way your heading no ones getting out alive
She was with another guy
If you wanna fight
Did I make you happy ?
Is it my imagination or do you feel good ?
I guess I'll see you in the after live
Oh baby you've got nothing to prove
I'm feeling kinda wonderful . I hope you feel the same
The nights go on and on
I threw a house party and she came

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