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Which Monstercat song do the clues reffer to?

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CluesSongExtra Info
The only song Matthew Steeper appears on.
The second time a Vocalist has appeared as an artist. (Name their song). Hint: 025
Non-featured EP song. Here-we-go.
I always loved you, ever sense the day we shared...
A creepy intro, then... pst. HEY.
Here's Dankya.... She's gonna burn your...
First song to share a name with an album.
Wait for it...
Didn't get remixed... or featured on an album... San Holo's forgotton song.
Like a battle between good and evil... God and Satan... Like a-
With every step you take, a tangent is left in your wake.
Replaced OVERWERK - House on 007
When the bass kicks in, can you feel it, oh can you feel it?
One of the THREE feat.-ed people on this song is actually the Saxaphone player.
CluesSongExtra Info
Like above, the featured person is the guitar player.
I feel you rushing through my veins.
This future bass song got its own release day and everything, but wasn't feautred on the album. (Hint: Part of an EP)
Citizens of earth. We are here.
Get on it!
Ay. Ay. Ay. AYYYYY!
Longest song name without any 'feat's or 'Remix's on it.
Search for the reason why the days just past me by.
Says the name of the song in the track ALOT, but instead of saying 'Get' it says 'Go'.
Only track Miyoki appears on.
Stephen Walking indie dance. Hint: It's on an EP.
I'm lost in the music, can I stay here for the night?
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