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Guess the Monstercat artists based off of songs released OUTSIDE Monstercat.

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Forced Order
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Fall to Light, Imaginary Friends, Here we Are
Go Balistic, Skramble, Whipsters
Ignite, Survival, Shockwave
The Surface, Ease My Soul, Resurface
Royal, Ice Cream, Circles
Squid Island!
Booty Drop, Get Ya Body Down, Biodome
Back to You, Baby's Coming, Take Me Away
Unfamlilar, Oceanic, The Walk
Catfish, Stone Tower Temple, Give You Back Life
Transcend, Eath Calls, Sweet Surrender
Exit Velocity, Funk Lingo, In Motion
Sprinkles, Slumber Party, Better
Liberation, Victory, We Are The Dream
World Away, Visible, Steps
Stories, Apache, Way Beyond
Candy, Insurgent, Vivid
Cannibal Karate, Zengaia!, Orpheus, Father of Songs
Starlight, Elle Attend, Fission
Last Chance, Collide, Beat Again
Beyond the Surface, The Silent Ones, Just Give Me a Reson
Fire, Don't Look Behind, Runaway
United We Dance, Let me Feel, No Way Out
Tick Tick Boom Boom, The Wolf of Bounce Street, Fireflies
Twerknado, Ill, Gang$ta
Heartless, Remixed Alison Wonderland - Run
Anomaly, Indigo, Away
Melancholia, Maneuver, Overload
Flight, Space Minus One, One Minus Space
Ferrari Funk, Original Funksters, Punch
Luigi's Mansion, Ingen Anden Drøm, 2012
Alive, Come and Get It, Enjoy the Ride
We Rise, $tupid, Donkey Kong

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