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Verbose titleSong
A Vision Appeared To Me
The Standard Covered In Stylised Depictions Of Celestial Objects
Supposing That I Were Currently In The Line Of Vision Of My Acquaintances
Dancing Woman Who Briefly Ruled England in 1141
A Seasonal Visitor In Red Clothing Is Approaching This Settlement
What Is The Price Of The Canine Displayed Behind A Pane Of Glass?
Half A Score Of Lime-Coloured Containers Of Liquid Suspended From The Barrier
A Trio Of Metal Discs Used As Currency In The Ornamental Water Pump
Extremely Large Incendiary Spheres
That Which I Anticipate Is Yet To Occur
Verbose titleSong
Incapable Of Purchasing Infatuation On My Behalf
I Suggest We Pass The Period Between Dusk And Dawn In Each Other's Company
Pastry From The Fourth Largest Country In The World
Every Entity Fulgent And Pulchritudinous
Virtuous Monarch of Bohemia
Dementedly Enamoured
The Sole Possible Outcome Is Improvement
I Represent The Epitome Of A Present-Day Army Officer

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