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Can you name the two word phrase described by the clue, in which each word is an anagram of the other?

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Nocturnal bird at the bottom (3)
Used to be a carpentry tool (3)
Mislay the bottom of one's shoe (4)
A mendacious train traveller (4)
Check a badger's home (4)
Marine ecosystem available at no charge (4)
Thespian from a former Yugoslav country (5)
Draw the outline of a container (5)
Violent potato (5)
Detested the end of life (5)
Slice groups of animals (5)
Wild signal light (5)
Churchman most ready to eat (6)
More stupid punctuation mark (6)
Bring group of assistants back together (7)
Big cat conditionally released from prison (7)
Redheads laugh (7)
Heretical part of a baseball playing area (7)
More expensive part of a cathedral (8)
More humid Arab kingdoms (8)

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