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Can you name the two word phrase described by the clue, in which each word is an anagram of the other?

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Weapon used in hunting wildebeest (3)
Paintings by rodents (3)
Pull anything (dialect) (3)
Burn posterior (4)
Rescue a flower container (4)
Wooden buildings in this way (4)
Boil friends (5)
The area for which a horological device is responsible (5)
Trimmed a curtain (5)
Touch the hair on one's forehead (6)
Had the courage to face a word expressing the manner of an action (6)
Pay no attention to an area (6)
Mauve tycoon (7)
Group of singers with water-borne disease (7)
Meeting of a branch of the armed forces (7)
Earhart's illness (7)
Polygon with edges of whole number length (8)
Harshest-sounding bakery treats (8)
Tranquiliser changes course (8)
Devilish joker (8)

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