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The set of points in the xy-plane such that x^2 + y^2 =< 1
The centre of a seed
Italian for 'unanimous'
Esprit de corps
Beliefs in what is right or wrong
Wall paintings
A village in Slovakia and a district of Iran
French for 'bats'
Japanese custard puddings
Family of the Prime Minister of Russia
Polymers found in the cell walls of plants
Attractive women
Husband and wife scientists who discovered two radioactive elements
Makes evil things happen to someone
Small containers for money
Analyses the grammatical structure of a sentence
Indian Zoroastrians
Members of the largest ethnic group in Iran
Stuffed vegetables from the Provence region
Ridiculous situations
Isthmus of the ________, part of the mouth
Fries thin slices of food
Urban slang for promiscuous women
Roof tiles
Urban slang for 'detests'
Spanish for 'lessons'
The sculptor of the Colossus of Rhodes
Salmon-like fish
Items of furniture
French for 'flesh'
A girl's name
French for 'sniffed'
The Chilean equivalent of a chav
Village around 100km southeast of Bergen
Compound containing fluorine
The outflow of a chromatograph
Make equal
French for 'justice'
Composer of 'Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming'
In the Middle Ages, a knight's assistant
The set of points in the xy-plane such that |x| =< 1 and |y| =< 1

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