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Can you name the 1995 WWF/WWE Roster?

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Jobber to the stars
Manager, his team turned on him
Intercontinental Champion
Surprise Tag Team Champion
Arrested, left promotion
First diva
Tag Team Champion
Jobber Tag Team
tag team on loan from USWA
Doesn't like Syracuse
Memorable bad gimmick
SMW arival
Changed gimmick when team disbanded
French Commentator, Interviewer
Short lived tag team
Tag Team Champion
Corporation member left in the fall
Changed gimmick and turned face
Debuted in the Spring
tag team on loan from USWA
Team had several gimmicks
Jobber Tag Team
Team had several gimmicks
Showed up at a mall
Commentator, Mania Host
Finally won
More known for his prior gimmick
Women's Champion
Used Too Much's theme music
Changed Gimmick
Retired from managing
IC Champ quit and returned
Commentator, Mania Host
Retired in the fall after injury
Left for WCW
Completely new gimmick
Turned heel
Former booker turned manager
Started wrestlimng more then left
Left in the summer
Left in the fall
Left in the spring
Tag Team Champion
Left after incident with Champion
Phased out of active roster
Had one match
Most tenured tag team
Heavyweight Champion
Former wrestler turned manager
Debuted in spring
Left his tag partner in the fall
Returned at Survivor Series
Midcard face
Wrestler turned manager
Had a music column in WWF Magazine
New commentator
Short run as Intercontinental Champion
Wrestler that mostly managed
Turned face
Left in the summer
Unimpressive debut
Legendary manager
Debuted in the main event
Surprise Tag Team Champion
Corporation member
Heavyweight Champion
Raw commentator
Only had one match
Women's Champion
Returned in the fall
Interviewer/Talk Show Segment
Most tenured tag team
Womens wrestler Debuted at Survivor Series
Manager that found love
Injured orbital bone
Used sparingly, phased out
Longtime jobber brought to main roster
Tag Team Champion
Midget manager
Short lived tag team
Won a tournament

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