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Left and didn't wrestle for WWE until 2002
Wrestler transitioned to commentary
Didn't do much this year
Helped duplicate another gimmick
World Champion
Debuting foreign wrestler
New tag team
Veteran tag team wrestler
Longtime jobber to the stars
Departing tag team
Has his own gimmick match
Commentator, host of Mania
Wrestled tag then singles
Wrestler had three different gimmicks
Left, came back next year
Took his protoge bowling
Departing tag team
Had first loss at WrestleMania IX
Womens Champion
Commentator, left for WCW
Departing tag team
Saw the light and left
New arrival from GWF
Most of the year wrestled heel
Manager left for WCW
Debuted in a toga
World Champion
Much-hyped tag team
New monster heel
Quickly captured tag title
Much-hyped second generation star
Long running tag team
New manager
Returned with a mask
Split from his partner to go singles
Raw Commentator
Singles wrestler turned heel
Inactive most of the year until a belt was vacated
New tag team
Had first loss at WrestleMania IX
New tag team
Tag Team Champion that retired
Changed his look then departed
Midget Wrestler did several gimmicks
Left for WCW
Intercontinental Champion
World Champion
Tag team from SMW
New tag team from SMW
Much-hyped tag team
Heel Midget Wrestler
Long running tag team
Wrestler turned manager
Retired from active competition
Squashed, then went to WCW
Manager of many lower card wrestlers
Had a memorable WCW debut
New singles wrestler, left same year
Left for about a little over a year
Wrestled briefly over the summer
New tag team
Lasted nearly an hour in the Rumble
First Raw main event
Surprise IC Champ
Interviewer, left for WCW
Two different people did the gimmick
Found his main squeeze
Tag team from SMW
New tag team
New tag team
Intercontinental Champion
Commentator, Former tag team wrestler
Departing tag team
Short lived interview segment
Didn't last long
Put over a new heel then went to WCW
New singles wrestler/Bodyguard
Returning singles wrestler, left shortly
Debuted at WrestleMania IX
Long time commentator
Interviewer, French announcer
Manager turned face
Left early in the year
New singles wrestler
Stampede star with two gimmicks
Suffered his first loss
New tag team from SMW

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