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Can you name the Red vs Blue Characters by First Line?

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Forced Order
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First LineCharacterEpisode
Uh, yeah, we're here, Blue Team.
Halt! Do not come any further. You are attempting to access a restricted area and you have entered a minefield.
Easy for you to say. You didn't drop the ball.
Holy ****, it's actually them
So I say to the guy, 'How are you gonna get the tank down to the planet?' And he goes, 'I'll just put it on the ship.'
Yeah, isn't that cool?
Hullo, mate.
Instruction: Identify yourself.
Uh, sometimes I like to take my hands and, uh, cup them around my eyes like little hand binoculars.
Agent Washington, Agent Washington.
This is Blue Command, come in Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha.
Red Team, this is Blue Team. We are in position. How copy? Over.
Hello Caboose. It seems fitting to say that it is good to see you again, although technically that is untrue.
Huh, unfortunate.
Honk Honk, Blargh Blargh!
To the Director of Project Freelancer, from the Oversight Subcommittee Chairman.
I'm not the jerk, you're the jerk, jerk!
Come in Blue Command, come in. This is Medical Officer DuFresne. I have reached Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha. Do you read?
Stop fighting, stop fighting, everyone stop fighting!
Calling Church, come in Church, this is your close personal friend Private O'Malley.
Enemy soldiers detected.
First LineCharacterEpisode
Hello. You are early.
-and your flag.
I am. Vanessa Kimball. Leader of the New Republic and very glad to meet you. I wish it were under better circumstances
Oh, sorry officer, I, uh, lost the keys to my shop here and I was trying to figure out a way to, you know, uh...
I would like to say just how appreciative the two of us are for Carolina's sacrifice. Agent Carolina, if anyone can excel without an AI unit, it is you.
A response, from the Director of Project Freelancer.
Hmm, that depends. Is he still with her?
Excuse me, uh, sirs?
Ladies! Front and center on the double!
I don't know. There's so many of them, and they're so big.
Okay, my turn.
Hello, and thank you for activating the M808-V Main Battle Tank.
Buenos días. Y la gracias da por activar mi función del discurso.
This is command, we need a full inventory of the carrier's equipment before it's decommissioned
Hey men, sorry to interrupt, but do you mind huddling up, fellas?
I just think that, if you would just reconsider, sir, uh, I mean, I followed your orders from day one with, like, the burritos and, and I'd follow you to the end, sir.
Yes, South, you're clear, but watch your corners. The smoke is good for cover, but it's playing hell with my thermals. And the cold isn't helping.
I just wanted to say that no matter what happens, it's been an honor working with you, sir.
What are they doing?

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