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Year that Jamestown was Founded
Lost Colony
Original Name of New York City
The Only U.S. President who Never was Married
Year the Erie Canal Opened
War from 1846-1848
Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court from 1801-1835
First State to Ratify the Constitution
Last State Admitted to the Union
Name of Seven Years War in Colonies
Father of the U.S. Constitution
Author of the Declaration of Independence
Year of Louisiana Purchase
President who won the Battle of New Orleans
Head of the Bank of the United States
Era of Virtually no Political Parties After War of 1812
Author of 'Common Sense'
Author of 'Poor Richard's Almanack'
Country from Which Alaska was Purchased
War in 1898
Led the Charge up San Juan Hill
Years Before the Civil War
Minimum Age to be President
Only President Elected Unanimously
California Gold Rush Year
State that Threatened Nullification and Secession in 1832
State involved in the Compromise of 1850
Free State Admitted in the Missouri Compromise (Compromise of 1820)
Year of Dred Scott Case
30 Day President
Author of 'Rip Van Winkle'
Muckraking Author who wrote 'The Jungle'
President Associated with the Teapot Dome Scandal
Year the Great Depression Started
Youngest Elected President
Youngest President to take Office
Presidential Candidate Assasinated in 1968
President Assasinated in 1963
Ship Sunk in Havana in 1898
Note Sent by Germany to Mexico During World War I
Date of the Attack on Pearl Harbor
First Speaker of the House
Scandal at 1972 Democratic Convention
War in 1991
Year of the Fall of Saigon
War from 1950-1953
Country U.S. Dealt with in the XYZ Affair
War from 1861-1865
General that Washington Defearted at Yorktown
Minimum Age to be a U.S. Senator

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